Monday, May 31, 2021

OUT NOW: Ventos / Myśliwy split, "Among the Ruins" reissue

Two releases by Blud Auk affiliated horde MYŚLIWY out now
Ventos / Myśliwy - "Múrmurio Noturno / Reflections of Steel"
New split LP with VENTOS (BRA). Released by Final Agony Records and limited to 200 copies. 

Myśliwy - "Among the Ruins" Demo 2019
Repress of first Myśliwy demo committed to vinyl by resurrected cult Polish label Majestat Nocy Promotion. Limited to 116 copies.

In label news, Blud Auk continues to be on hiatus until midsummer. Several new releases are in the works with an expected release of late summer/early fall 2021. Expect an announcement email with samples when the time is right.