Sunday, June 18, 2017

Out Now

BA-14 Ventos - "A Sombra Da Noite" CS
Raw and melancholic black metal from rural Brazil expressed by a true bearer of Southern Darkness. "Na sombra da noite sou o enterro." "Sombra Da Noite" demo on one side, "II" (Black Gangrene Productions, 2016) on the other. Foldout cover with lyrics and artwork. Limited to 56. $5 Sample.

BA-15 Human Agony - "Final Laceration Reh." CS
Bestial black metal from Victoria, BC. Recorded in the shadow of Ross Bay Cemetery. Rehearsal demo on one side, live ritual on the other. Comes with sticker or button. Limited to 65. $5 Sample.

Ventos and Human Agony shirts have also been added to the store. More items to be added soon.