Thursday, December 19, 2013


BA-08 Mors Atra Crucis 10"
First demo from FG (Satanize) and George Proctor (White Medal) committed to vinyl. Disturbing Black/Death Metal darkness designed to unite North and South in misanthropy, hatred, and sickness. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies. $13. Sample. Buy.

BA-09 Rohit - "Judge" CS
"The disposal of desire, destruction for existence's sake, grids of chords without movement, chaos progression, one takes, between ambivalence and indifference, calm assured redundancy, negation of well being, sketchy experimental drugs, fuck all life, couldn't care less." Limited to 50. Handmade xerox covers on heavy card stock. Comes with a 1" button. $4. Sample. Buy.

A second edition of Cross Rot Demo II is also available. Limited to 25.