Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ululatum Tollunt, Human Agony, Striations PNW Tour 2019

4 days out from Ululatum Tollunt, Human Agony, and Striations tour kicking off in Victoria, BC.

February 2nd - Victoria, BC - Logan's w/ Void Deprivation:
February 3rd - Vancouver, BC - 333 w/ Radioactive Vomit:
February 5th - Olympia, WA - Cryptatropa w/ Methgoat, Huldrekall:
February 6th - Seattle, WA - Highline w/ Putrid Temple:
February 7-9 - Portland, OR - Torment Is Flesh:

Human Agony will have two new shirt designs, as well the Invictus reissue of Goring Christ.