Thursday, February 1, 2018


Four new Blud Auk titles. All pro-dubbed/pro-art, all $6 USD:

BA-16 Verme / Pain Appendix - Split CS 
Split between Brazilian black metal outfit Verme and Floridian Industrial/Harsh Noise artist Pain Appendix. Limited to 60 copies. Sample.

BA-17 Human Agony - Goring Christ CS
5 song EP of violent and bestial black metal from Victoria, BC. Limited to 165 copies. Sample.

BA-18 Papal Regurgitation - The EP's of P.R. CS
Rudimentary Peni's first two EP's rendered in a goregrind style. Limited to 50 copies. Sample.

BA-19 Methgoat - Demo '18 CS
Amphetamine fueled bestial chaos from Los Angeles. Limited to 40 copies. Sample.

Also Available:

BA-12 Baphometic Dawn / Unexamine - A.T.W.A.L. CS
Collaboration between Alaskan black metal group Baphometic Dawn and LA/PDX harsh noise degenerates Unexamine. 2nd edition limited to 50 hand-numbered copies in anticipation of vinyl release on Dodsrune. Comes with a button. Sample.

A new Human Agony shirt design on black long sleeves, white t-shirts, and charcoal t-shirts.

E-mail for order inquiries. Please read order information before writing.