Monday, December 9, 2013


BA-07 Sump/Leather Chalice Split 7"
Blackened Oi Stomp from Yorkshire on one side, wretched BM/Punk from New England on the other. Limited to 250 copies with hand stamped center labels. First 14 copies come with a Leather Chalice patch. 9 dollars. Sample. Buy.

The jackets for the Mors Atra Crucis 10" are currently being printed and should arrive early next week. If you would like to order both releases just send me an e-mail ( and I will hold a copy for you. A 2nd edition of the Cross Rot Demo II CS is on the way along with the Rohit "Judge" CS. Higher price of the vinyl is due to the cost of shipping to Alaska and other unforeseen expenses. Due to the high cost of production trades will not be accepted, but wholesale is available. My apologies.