Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forthcoming Releases

Sump / Leather Chalice Split 7"
Blackened Oi Stomp from Yorkshire on one side, wretched BM/Punk from New England on the other. Sample.

Mors Atra Crucis 10"
First demo from FG (Satanize) and George Proctor (White Medal) committed to vinyl. Disturbing Black/Death Metal darkness designed to unite North and South in misanthropy, hatred, and sickness.

Papal Regurgitation CS
A grotesque rendering of Rudimentary Peni's seminal self-titled EP by members of Knelt Rote and Hug-A-Mutha. For fans of RP and Gore Beyond Necropsy alike. Sample.

Cross Rot - Demo II CS
Second offering from this Alaskan duo. Pitch black and pissed off BM/Punk. Sample.

All releases are currently at press or in other stages of post-production. More copies of the Baphometic Dawn and Bearing Gruesome Cargo demos will be made available when the store is updated.

Imaxhpik ol pushki.
Eleer daynock, nalna avana.
Auk ao Afuya ven, awafagaa.
Nahl bral, Tuq aggiqsuqock.