Friday, March 15, 2013

Store Open

The online store is open and currently has the following releases:

Bearing Gruesome Cargo - Black Dada Nihilismus/Live at the Kodiak CS
Misanthropic Black Metal featuring members of Baphometic Dawn and Knelt Rote (OR)
Limited to 30. Sample. 

Baphometic Dawn - S/T CS
Raw and noisy BM; cultish and apocalypse obsessed. Limited to 30. Sample. 

Baphometic Dawn - Solve CS
Second demo by B.D. Chaotic and unsettling BM/noise. Limited to 30. Sample. 

The following distro items are also in stock:

fire island, AK - DEATH DRIVE CS
December 2012 release by this Alaska-based noise act. Sample. SOLD OUT.

fire island, AK/Voltaic Omen - Dweller on the Threshold CS
Last remaining copies of this 2009 split released by Condor Breeze. SOLD OUT.

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