Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Out Now: Barren Eave, Sunchariot / Sangrenetor

BA-23 Barren Eave - S/T CS
Black Metal from the American South. Cold and raw, yet still possessing a melodic element. Reminiscent of the Russian masters. Limited to 100. Sample: https://soundcloud.com/blud-auk/barren-eave-untitled

BA-24 Sunchariot / Sangrenetor Split CS
Split from two mysterious black metal entities hailing from Vinland's western shores. Sunchariot's side features the project's proud, melodic style that should be familiar to all who follow the Brotherhood of Light label and its output (Lascowiec, Haar, Boreal Wind, etc.), while Sangrenetor delivers a murkier piece of raw black metal from the Pacific Northwest. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Sample: 

A second run of the Human Agony long sleeves and t-shirts from the February tour have been printed due to high demand and the distro has been updated with select titles from:
-Convictus Tapes (Australia)
-Brotherhood of Light
-Youth Attack
-CW Productions
and more...